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Getting a Shark to Bite

I’m a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank—a show where entrepreneurs present their million-dollar ideas in hopes of coaxing the “sharks” into a deal for start-up capital in exchange for a piece of their business. I was reflecting on some of the previous guests who have…

Team Harrassement

It’s Not About Us!

Don’t promote your business—communicate it. It’s not about your product. It’s about your consumer.   Too often we get caught up in how awesome we think our product or service is, and we forget to analyze our customer’s needs. We are taught to promote, promote,…


Why I Ignored Your Incognito LinkedIn Invitation

Like most savvy business people, I’m on LinkedIn. I’m even pretty active. I maintain my profile, post updates, ask and respond to questions, follow groups, and connect with people. You know, all of those things Entrepreneur and Inc. tell you to do. As such, I…


Tips for a Functional Business Card

If you’re a business owner like me, chances are you’ve come across a lot of business cards. You may have a short stack on your desk or a box full of cards of all shapes, colors, and sizes that you’ve collected from conferences and networking…



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